Recumbent Bike VS Upright Bike ( Differences,Advantages )

Fitness trends come and go but exercise bikes ( Mostly recumbent bike and upright bike ) are eternal. Sure, it has had its share of being neglected in the gyms and homes but it comes back stronger every time. The great demand for spinning classes can definitely demonstrate its popularity as of late.

Before getting into the details of what recumbent bikes and upright bikes can offer, learning how to differentiate the two is essential. Being able to tell them apart can make the selection process easier for you. It can also help you better understand what both can offer.


The best part about exercise bikes is that they’re available in a wide range of options. You can find one that will perfectly suit your needs and requirements. Both recumbent bikes and upright bikes have their own benefits that all you need to do is to weigh your options to find your perfect match.

How do you do just that? This quick guide can help you so make sure to pay close attention

Upright Bike VS Recumbent Bike : What are the Differences

So how are these two exercise bikes different? The biggest and most glaring differences between the two are their appearance and construction. These two bikes are set up differently so aside from the pedaling, they might feel like different equipment altogether.

How do you decide which bike to get and why should you opt for the said choice? We’ve made it simpler by breaking it down on the lists below

Construction and Positioning :

As the names suggest, these two bikes differ in terms of construction. They got their names from how you’ll be positioned in your workout. So for recumbent bikes, you can expect to recline a little with its seat and front pedals quite far apart.

For upright bikes, you can expect to sit upright. Its pedals are positioned right beneath the saddle seat, similar to how road bikes are designed.

Which is more Comfortable ?

The most important thing to note about recumbent bikes is that they will let you sit comfortably while you workout. This exercise equipment is set up with a large seat and it’s highly appreciated for that detail. Its pedals positioned in front of the unit so you have to recline a bit to reach them. It’s a lot more comfortable to use because it will let you sit back as if you’re just lounging.

Upright bikes, on the other hand, resemble traditional road bikes. As the name suggests, they’ll put you in an upright position. You will assume the same position and do similar movements as you would on a road bike. They also have similarly sized saddle seats and the pedals are positioned in about the same spot as the ones found in road bikes.

Because of this design, upright stationary bikes still require a bit of balancing from its riders. This makes it trickier to work with for some people. Others find this the right challenge to keep them motivated.

Which Gives better Workouts ?

While you can get comfortable in Recumbent exercise machines, it doesn’t mean that you won’t get a good workout from it. It can elevate your heart rate just as much as upright bikes can with the same workout intensity. The only big difference is that you’re going to do it in a more comfortable seat

Upright stationary bike, In exchange you can workout similar muscle groups that road biking tones and strengthens. This can be beneficial to your overall fitness whether you intend to pursue outdoor cycling or not

Back Pain While Working out :

Those with a bad back. As it won’t strain your lower back too much, Recumbent bike the perfect choice for those who want to get in shape despite their lower back problems

Relatively fit individual who needs a good way to keep exercising while at home. Upright exercise bikes can already provide a good cardio workout for the general population

Which is Better for Home ? :

Those who have enough space at home. Recumbent bike can take up a good amount of space so it would be best if you have extra room for it at home. This way, it won’t be on your way while you carry out your daily activities

A cyclist who wants to train at home. Due to its construction Upright bike somewhat similar to a road bike, these stationary bikes can also be great alternatives to some cyclists who can’t go out to train

Which one better for Heavy Users :

Bigger users who want to get back in shape. A lot of recumbent bikes have high weight capacities so combined with its low seat, big chair, and better stability, it can be more suitable for bigger users

Considering Upright bike for heavy user still a good choice but i will recommend Recumbent bike for heavy users

Which is the best for Old Users ?

Older users who find it difficult to balance on an upright bike. Again, the low seat, big chair, and stable construction make recumbent bikes a safer option for a lot of people, including seniors. The low impact workout it offers is also good for their joints as it will let them exercise without straining their bones too much

Better for Injured persons :

Injured individuals who are on the road to recovery. The low-impact workout recumbent bikes offer also makes it a good exercise equipment for those who are recovering from injuries and other conditions

Bike On Your Budget :

On a tight budget. There are lots of great upright bikes that are also very affordable so you can still get one easily without breaking the bank

Which will the Best for your Apartment ?

An apartment or condo-dweller who wants another way to workout at home despite the limited space you have. Some upright bikes only take up a small amount of space so even if floor area comes at a premium where you live, you can still own one of these exercise machines

Weight Lose :

Someone who’s looking to lose some weight. If you want to lose weight, it can be a good thing to invest in an exercise equipment. It can help convince you to exercise regularly without having to leave the house. In turn, it might just be the very thing you need to get moving

Finally I will recommend you to think about the recumbent bike and upright bike benefits,uses and features of Recumbent and Upright Bikes before you buy.


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