Schwinn – 23 Secrets, History and Financial Reports

Schwinn is an American Bicycle Company based in Chicago was founded by Ignaz Schwinn in 1895. Ignaz Schwinn was a Mechanical Engineer born in German in 1860

Brand : From 1992 Schwinn has been a Sub-Brand of Pacific Cycle. Schwinn Fitness Own by Nautilus Inc
Parent Company : Dorel Industries
Headquarter : Vancouver, Washington , USA

Schwinn Bicycle Company History,Secrect in infographics

Enter The Market and Dominate the Competitors

Schwinn started to grow up from 1950s throw FW Schwinn. He targets the retailers and persuades them to sell Schwinn bicycles.
In 1960 Sales Reached 4.4 million.

Schwinn First ( 1st ) racer bicycle was “English Racer” which was a Challenge to stay in the “RACER” bicycle market. In 1964 Schwinn dominated competitor by technology and style. Not only this Marketing tricks was amazing, though sued by the Department of Justice

Awesome Bicycles Produced by Schwinn

Schwinn has some famous Models which was amazing in style, performance and acquired users attraction

The Corvette was developed in 1954

Schwinn Twinn: Schwinn manufactured 1950 – 1980 series of lightweight bicycle known as Schwinn Twinn and have some more

The Sting-Ray
The Ten Speed
The bicycle BOOM
BMX bicycles
Mountain bikes

Schwinn Got New Owner

In 2001 Schwinn Brand, Assets acquired by Pacific Cycle and In 2004 Pacific Cycle got acquired by Dorel Industries

Schwinn Fitness

Now Schwinn Fitness is the major division of Schwinn Bicycle Company which got acquired by Direct Focus Inc, In later it becomes Nautilus, Inc

Schwinn Fitness Division Manufacture :
Recumbent bike, Upright Bike, Classic Cruiser, Airdynes, Ellipticals, Indoor Cycling, Treadmills, Rowers Advanced Indoor Exercise Equipments

Easy to Assemble
Helping users to keep exercising at home
App integration makes it easy to track

Financial Reports – Schwinn

Dorel Industries Inc : 2018 Revenue Report

Dorel recently announces it’s Sports Division ( Including Schwinn, GT, Mongoose, Pacific Cycles, Cannondale and Caloi ) revenue report. Revenue increased by 17.6 million but the Operating cost was big compared with revenue which was 229 million USD
Reason noted as Sales decrease at Pacific Cycle and Impairment loss

2018 Fourth Quarter: Nautilus Inc (Schwinn Fitness)

For Nautilius Inc it was disappointing because of two main reasons Weakness of Direction and Growth in Retail section profits was less as expected. Though Schwinn 411 Elliptical doing good and they expect more in Future

Sales: 115.4 Million Dollar
Decrease of 9.4%

Resources :
Nautilus Inc
Dorel Industries Inc

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