Best Budget Folding Treadmill Under $500

If you’re indoors, one of the most efficient ways to do that is using a treadmill. Folding treadmills are considered as the best choice for home gym.

However, there are many questions for Compact Treadmill regarding the Speed, Durable, Design, Running Space, Mechanism, Space Saving, and, most importantly — the Price. Fortunately for us, such equipment is getting better and cheaper. So much so that it’s possible to get a decent folding treadmill within $500 budget.

Budget segments are always filled with sub par products, though. And that’s why finding the folding treadmills under $500 can get challenging. That’s where this article comes in.

We ( Exercise Indoor ) looked at some of the best folding treadmills within this budget and compiled them according to their merits. Let’s check ’em out.

A Quick look at the Top Folding Treadmill Under $500

Folding Treadmills for Home Under $500 : Comparison Table

Treadmills are very effective in ensuring your well being at home. Here are the top options for you to choose from. This comparison table sorted according to Treadmill features, facilities and so on. Let’s dig into to start with a comparison table

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Best Electric Folding Treadmill Under 500

Electric folding treadmills are more popular because of it’s features and advantages. Electric treadmills will have built in motor .Belt cushioning features just one of the awesome features which make will your workout more comfortable when you are facing joint issues. This type of treadmill have incline system with speed control features

1. Merax : Electric Folding Treadmill – Best for Running

Merax Electric Folding Treadmill

Noticeable Features

  • Quiet motor
  • Good for long distance running session
  • Various preset programs with countdown modes
  • A large multi functional display

Merax For many of us, saving space is the biggest issue, thanks to the modern ways of living. And in those cases, the treadmill’s size is perhaps one of the biggest catalysts that affect our choice. This product is for those people.

Let’s start with the dimensions then — when you have it unfolded, the size of this product is 55 x 23.5 x 43 inches. That’s already quite convenient, right? And when you fold it up, the dimensions go down to 29.5 x 23.5 x 49 inches.

Another crucial bit is to ensure that you aren’t losing any features to get the compact form factor. This product does well to ensure that too. For one, it has a decently-powered motor rated at 1.5 horsepower.

Merax Electric Folding Treadmill Motor view

While this isn’t the most powerful motor by any means, it manages to yield impressive results. When looking at this component, we’ll generally take a look at its max speed and how much weight it can work with.

Well, this one can get you up to 12 km/h or 7.5 mph, which is rather impressive. Furthermore, it can handle a decent bit of weight, too, with the highest limit set at 240 pounds. This capacity is undoubtedly on the higher side in this range.

Now, looking at something compact means that you need to somewhat compromise the belt’s size. In this case, the deck length is 43.3 inches. That means it will be sufficient for walking and jogging.

However, if you’re running at the max speed, it might feel a bit cramped if you have a long stride. Other than that, it ensures a decent balance between convenience and compactness.

Speaking of convenience, this product also comes with a multi-functional LCD. This panel will show you the duration of the session, your speed, the distance you’ve covered, and an approximate number of calories burnt.

This feature can be helpful to enable you to keep track of your daily sessions and plan ahead. That convenience receives a boost when you count in the 12 preset workout programs and 3 count-down modes built into it.

When it comes to controlling the machine, you will find accessible buttons with an intuitive interface. With those, it’s effortless to control the speed, be it for regular usage or for stopping the treadmill during an emergency.

Overall, this product’s plug-and-play features, compact form factor, and overall capabilities make it worthy of being on this list.

The only issue I had with this treadmill is the activation system, however. The product manual says that you need to redeem a one-month membership for iFit to activate the equipment, which will cost you a couple of dollars.

And after following that procedure, many users found out that you can also fulfill that process by holding the Bluetooth button for 25-30 seconds. The lack of clarity and making people get a subscription is a huge no-no.

But if you’re willing to look past that bit, there are many advantages too. For one, the belt in this product easily trumps most of the budget ones. The dimensions for that are 16″ x 50″, which should allow you to run conveniently. One more advantage you will get a stable Phone or iPad or Tablet holder. You can also buy Laptop stand individually.

Lastly, it allows for a two-position manual incline, which you can control to increase or reduce the session’s intensity. And given that you can actually use it without subscribing, I find this product to be an easy recommendation.


  • Multi functional display will show important track like speed, distance, calories burnt, time to track performance
  • Voltage 110 W
  • Weight 64 Pounds
  • 1.5 horse power High temperature resistance, mute and Energy savings motor will keep speed 0.5 up to 0.75 miles/hR
  • Running belt measurement 15.7” x 43.3” / 400mm x 1100mm
  • Supported weight capacity up to 240 lbs
  • Treadmill size 55” x 23.5” x 43”,after fold the size will be 29.5” x 23.5” x 49″
  • Enjoy music with built in speaker


  • Fold able and convenient design with wheels make it’s transportation easy
  • Running and walking surface length : 43.3 inches
  • Built in Phone or Pad deck will allow you to complete daily tasks or enjoy music while working out
  • 12 preset programs and 3 count-down modes keeping speed range 0.8 – 12 km/h will help you to reach your fitness goals
  • Quick button will help you to start or stop the treadmill or change it’s speed while working out
  • It’s high density lawn texture belt will absorb shock and non slip feature make it more comfortable


  • Unfortunately you can’t play music from phone using portable USB
  • it doesn’t Incline

2. Welso Cadence G 5.9i : Folding Treadmill – Great for Joint

Welso Cadence G 5.9i Folding Treadmill

Noticeable Features

  • IFIT in Home training feature with $15 value 30-Day iFIT Membership
  • Large LCD display
  • Adjust speed feature
  • Two different positions incline
  • Space saving design
  • Comfort Cell cushioning technology great for joint and faster recovery

One of the drawbacks of settling for a manual treadmill is that you will miss many accessibility features. While these features don’t seem essential in hindsight, they can change the experience.

The G 5.9i from Weslo provides you with all the technologies you might need and more. And it’s surprising how much you get for the price you pay ( Less than 300 dollars ). First off, it comes with a powerful motor that beats almost anything in this range.

It can provide you with up to 2.25 HP of power, which is remarkable for the price. As a result, you can go up to 10 ( ten miles ) per hour with it. That means you will be able to burn a significant amount of calories at the highest speed.

And don’t think that it will falter for people that weigh more than average. This motor can keep up with the user for up to 275 pounds. That’s arguably one of the best maximum limits that you’ll find in products of this budget segment.

One might even call this the best folding treadmill under $500, as it also comes with that feature. When unfolded, the dimensions are 55.5″ H x 29″ W x 64.5″ D, which is not unusual for these products.

But you can fold it in a matter of minutes, which allows you to store the product anywhere you want. This feature is exceptionally beneficial if you can’t spare a lot of space for your treadmill.

Welso Cadence G 5.9i Folding Treadmill monitor details


  • 2.25 horse power motor
  • Dimension : 64.5 x 29 x 55.5 inches
  • Treadmill weight 118 pounds
  • Speed up to 10 miles per hour
  • 5 inches large LCD screen
  • Running space : 50 Inches length and 16 Inches width
  • Bluetooth technology


  • 16” x 50” comfort cell cushioning tread belt means enough space for jogging, running or walking
  • Comfort Cell cushioning technology great for your joints and will help you to recover soon
  • Fold able treadmill with space saver design great for your Home
  • Weight capacity 250 lBS
  • Bluetooth technology allow you to get personal training throw IFIT


  • This Treadmill little bit noisy, motor is not Quiet actually
  • Manual incline
  • Doesn’t have water bottle or tray for phone, iPad

3. Murtisol 2 in 1 – Folding Electric Treadmill – Best of Jogging

Murtisol 2 in 1 Folding Electric Treadmill
  • Under Desk Electric Treadmill
  • Great for both Jogging and Running
  • Smart and Remote control feature
  • Compact fold able design with wheels

Next up on our pick as the best electric folding treadmill under 300, we have a product from Murtisol. Many users look for something that they can use anywhere they want — be it your office or home. This treadmill can give you that.

First off, you get two modes with this one — the first one allows you to use it as a jogging machine. In that mode, it can go from 0.6 to 2.5 mph. This applies when you have the armrest folded.

When you unfold the armrest and raise it, the speed can go up to 7.5 miles, which is excellent if you want to run and burn more calories. To reach this speed, it uses a 2.25HP motor that does its job quietly and efficiently.

It can handle a decent bit of weight too. If you weigh up to 200 pounds, you should be able to use this treadmill with ease. Another crucial feature is stability, and this product does well in that department too.

It comes with a non-slip belt that keeps you stable even when you’re running at full speed. Moreover, it’s spacious enough to allow you to accomplish most tasks. The length and width are 40 x 16 inches, respectively.

This sizing can be a bonus, as you can fold it up and use it even in cramped spaces. You also get a bunch of accessibility features. For one, you can use the Fitshow Like app to look at the fitness data or watch any content while exercising.

Moreover, the remote control boosts the convenience in this aspect. There is a 2-inch display built into the treadmill. With that, you can look at the distance you have run in real-time as well as the timing, burned calories, and much more.

The only issue I have with it is that the build quality could be better but considering the price tag less than 300 USD you are getting the good one. Nevertheless, given its portability and efficiency of storage, it’s a great option.


  • Enjoy your exercise with 2.25 horse powerful ultra quiet motor
  • Dimension 50‘’25‘’46’‘ and folded 52’‘25’‘5’‘
  • Weight capacity 220 LBS
  • With wrench you can fold quickly and store to under desk
  • Safety key to shut down Treadmill immediately


  • When armrest is folded you can use for jogging and armrest raise for running
  • Speed range 0.62 – 7.5 miles per hour
  • Powerful 2.2 super quiet powerful motor can change speed fast
  • Running area : 40″ x 16″
  • 5 layer non slip texture running blet
  • Safe cushioning feature will give comfort if you have knees or any joint issue
  • LED display show distance, speed, time and calories to track progress
  • App will show your daily progress in your phone
  • Remote control feature will allow your o control speed and shut down your treadmill
  • Fold able and compact design with wheels makes easier to transportation


  • Doesn’t have incline feature

4. Sunny Health & Fitness T7632 – Best for Running & Walking

Sunny Health & Fitness T7632 Motorized Folding Treadmill
  • Shock Absorption feature
  • Good for Running and Walking
  • Space saver design with transportation wheels
  • Digital Displays show track records

At this point, we’re continuing with the trend of compatibility and compactness. If you are looking for something for your home that won’t cramp up the space but still maintain functionality, this next option could be the one for you.

First off, the dimensions of this product are 49.5 x 26.5 x 47 inches, which is on the compact side of things without a doubt. That’s impressive and all, but what about the running space you get?

Well, the width for the overall space is around 14 inches. On the other hand, the length is 44.5 inches. While these dimensions might not be sufficient for people with longer strides, they should suffice for your typical daily jogging sessions.

As you can imagine, you need to plan ahead if you are to buy this product, as it might not be the best choice for everyone. In terms of the incline percentage, this product can go up to 11.9%.

When it comes to the motor, the performance follows the same trend — decent, but not the best. It can churn out 1.25 HP of power, which can get you up to a speed of 7 miles per hour and the lowest speed of 0.5 mph.I believe if you are looking for a budget machine price less than 400 USD then you should little bit compromise about motor.

As you can imagine, it should be more than enough for your daily jogging session, but don’t expect to be running with all you have. And if the user weighs below 220 pounds, it should have an easy time keeping up too.

Sunny Health & Fitness T7632 - Best Motorized Treadmill Monitor view

This product also comes with another helpful feature – a backlit console. The console will allow you to look at crucial bits of information, such as the calories you have burned, the length of your session, the overall distance, and much more.

It is convenient for anyone to read as well with clear fonts. Lastly, it comes with cushioning to help with shock absorption when you’re running, making this product an even better deal.


  • Dimension : 49.5 x 26.5 x 47 inches
  • Treadmill Weight : 74.5 Pounds
  • 1.25 horse power motor
  • Space: 44.5 L x 14 W
  • Incline 11.9% or 6.8° approx.
  • Maximum weight capacity: 220 lb
  • LED display


  • This Treadmill good for running and walking and perfectly fit for your Home
  • Display shows distance, calories, speed and scan track progress report
  • 1.25 horse power motor offers speed range 0.5 – 7 mph
  • LCD display with blue LED back light


  • Doesn’t have Incline option
  • Can’t fit under unless 17″ clearance

5. Zelus 750W Electric Foldable Treadmill

Zelus 750W Electric Foldable Treadmill

Noticeable Features

  • Quit Treadmill
  • Good for Walking, Jogging and Running
  • App control
  • Easy storage design

We talked about how a manual folding treadmill can be beneficial for you. But it’s also crucial to remember that you’ll have to put up with the disadvantages too. Therefore, our following product is your safest bet if you want to go for a motorized option.

Right off the bat, the first bit you’ll notice is its design. It features a quality alloy steel body supported by a rigid structure. And it’s not just for show, either. This electric folding treadmill under 300 can easily withstand up to 220 pounds.

That number is pretty decent for this price range. Now, let’s talk about arguably the most significant feature in an electric treadmill — the motor. This product features a well-balanced 750W motor.

In terms of the minimum speed, it can go down to 0.6 mph (1 kph). Moreover, the upper limit goes up to 6 mph (10 kph). For the price, the motor seems to be pretty well-powered and will provide decent performance for most.

Another benefit of having a motorized treadmill is the incline. Unlike the manual ones, you can control the incline here, allowing you to increase the calorie burn. But that’s not all that you get here.

Firstly, an LED display can show your speed, the distance you have covered, the duration, and even the calorie you have burned. These details are helpful to keep track of your daily sessions.

Zelus 750W Electric Foldable Treadmill LED monitor

Not only that, but the Fit Show app can provide you with even more detailed reports on both iOS and Android. It also comes with a pair of speakers with decent sound reproduction, which is a bonus.

Now, the aspect of security is just as crucial. This treadmill comes with an anti-skid mat that will ensure that every step is as stable as the next. Moreover, it comes with an emergency stop button to allow you to take a pause whenever you want.

There’s also a safety key connector and a conveniently placed speed control to ensure that you are free of risk no matter what. It doesn’t lack anything in terms of storage either — there are integrated wheels to keep things convenient.

All in all, I find this treadmill to be an exceptional product overall. It checks all the right boxes and manages to maintain an impressive price tag.


  • Treadmill weight 61 Pounds
  • Weight capacity 220 LBS
  • 750 w power super quiet motor
  • LED Display
  • Dual Speaker
  • Dimension : Unfolded 48.4”x 19.7”x 50.8” Folded Size: 50.8”x 10.2”x 23.2”
  • Running space : 39.3” x 13.4”


  • Keep speed between 0.6 – 6 miles per hour
  • 5 layer 39.3” x 13.4” running space with shock absorption technology
  • LED display show speed, time, distance and calorie unit
  • 12 preset workout program and speed control feature
  • Immediately power on, speed adjustment or shutdown using quick start button
  • Control Treadmill Speed, preset workout and get daily workout report on your phone throw Android and iOS app
  • Lock smith and integrated wheels make easy transportation
  • Space for water bottle and tray for phone, key or valuable stuffs
  • Anti skid side belt let you stand after finishing workout


  • Incline not adjustable

Best Manual Folding Treadmill

Unfortunately Manual folding treadmill will not have motor inside, you will have to push the belt to run the machine with your lower body .You will have full control on this machine by increasing or decreasing your running or walking speed or fully stop. Though some manual folding treadmill will have LCD display show real time workout performance report

6. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T1407M – Most Compact Design

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T1407M Manual Folding Treadmill

Noticeable Features

  • Best Walking Treadmill
  • Fold able, Compact and Light weight Design
  • Track Fitness Progress
  • Great for Small Space

Our favorite product on the list is a manual treadmill from Sunny Health & Fitness. Before anything else, why are we opting for a manual product even though it’s possible to get a motorized one at this price?

Well, the motor is only a part of the equation. There are many people that prefer a manual one. Let me explain why. The most significant benefit of having these products is that they will make you put more energy and effort into it.

The equation is simple — you need to work your lower body to keep the belt moving, making you burn more calories. That’s because instead of keeping up with the already-moving belt, you have to move the belt yourself.

Moreover, a budget friendly treadmill under $200 would only benefit from the lack of a motor. That’s because the manufacturer can invest more in the rest of the components. So, let’s look at the other properties now.

This product emphasizes compactness and portability. The overall dimensions are 49 x 23 x 50 inches, which is relatively compact. Of course, that does affect the running surface, measuring 42 x 13 inches.

The issue with that is that you might feel cramped if you’re running with your entire stride. But from a space-saving standpoint, it does well. And that property gets even better with its fold able design (20L x 24W x 50H” when folded).

Being manual also means that it’s comparatively lightweight. You could get through your session and put it away if need be, which the transportation wheels help with.

Now, onto the maximum weight capacity. You can use this treadmill if you weigh around 220 pounds, give or take. This number is close to the typical average for products in this range, so that’s pretty good.

And even though it’s a manual product, there is an LCD monitor to show the essential details to you. For example, you can see the speed, time, the distance you have covered, and the calories burned — a helpful feature.

The belt’s quality seemed to be decent too, and it should serve you well for years. When it comes to the incline, the maximum percentage for that is 13.5. This number is expected from a manual treadmill, so we’re good on that too.

Overall, this product is a worthy choice if you’re looking for something worth considering as the manual treadmill under 200.


  • Dimension : Unfolded 49 x 23 x 50 inches, Folded 20L x 23W x 50H inches
  • Treadmill weight 46.7 pounds
  • Maximum weight capacity 220 Pounds
  • Incline max 13.5%
  • LCD monitor
  • Non slip running surface


  • Space saving design and wheels makes easy transportation
  • LCD display track speed, distance, calories burnt and scan report
  • Dual flywheels technology makes effective workout
  • Slip resistance and easy to clean foam handlebars for safety
  • Floor stabilizer allow to you workout intensely without worrying


  • Not recommended for senior person
  • Fixed incline

Key features I recommend to must consider for Folding Treadmills

Before we go further let’s be little bit straight forward about the main features we have considered and you must to finalize a best folding treading

  • Electric/Motorized or Manual folding Treadmill
  • Treadmill will be used for Running or Walking
  • Maximum weight capacity
  • Folded dimension and unfolded dimension
  • Necessary features you really want to have on your folding treadmill
  • Digital display with activity report
  • Shock absorbency belt ( good for joint issues )
  • Emergency button to immediately shutdown your Treadmill
  • Laptop holder, Phone holder or Tablet stand with charging feature

What to Expect in Under $500 Folding Treadmill

Under $500 folding treadmills typically may have some limited features and quality components compared to higher-end models but great for home use. However, they can provide great workout and serve as a good option for those who want to exercise at home without breaking the bank.

Here are some key points you can expect from an under $500 folding treadmill : My Opinion

Features: These treadmills usually come with important features such as Speed, Incline adjustments, Preset workout programs, and display screen. Some comes with iFit integration

Durability: These $500 compact treadmills are typically made with quality components and may not last as long as higher-end models. But They are good for personal use or home gym.

Treadmill Size: Folding treadmills in this price range are often designed to be compact and easy to store. However, this also means they may have a smaller running surface, which could be less comfortable for taller or heavier individuals. But some models like Merax has 50 Inches length and 16 Inches width running space which enough for all users.

Weight capacity: These treadmills usually have weight capacity range between 220-250 lbs, which means they may not be suitable for heavier individuals. But if you are less than 250 lbs then Welso is a great machine for you.

Warranty: Manufacturers of under $500 treadmills may offer a limited warranty on the product, which may not cover all repairs or replacements. So you need to choose wisely.

What to Look for Before You Buy Best Folding Treadmill Under 500 dollar ?

Now that you have seen the options available, it’s crucial to know what to look for before settling for one. Below, we’ll be discussing some of those elements.

Motorized or Not

You will find two types of folding treadmills from this aspect — either motorized or manual. We’ll give a general idea about their pros and cons.


We should first mention that you won’t find many mind-blowing options since you’re buying a folding treadmill under $500. As the name suggests, a motorized treadmill will use a motor to move the belt. Hence, it will significantly affect the overall user experience.

Typically, these motors will lie somewhere between 1.5 to 5.0 horsepower. Now, the amount of power you need will firstly depend on your weight. Secondly, you need to determine the speed you’d like to move at.

If you’re an average adult, you should aim at 2.0 horsepower or higher if possible. That way, you will have the necessary power to get a good experience. If you want to run, the number should be slightly higher, however.


A manual treadmill will rely on you to drive the belt. It’s more like a feedback loop — the faster you go, the faster goes the belt. You can probably imagine that getting a motorized folding treadmill under $500 will be a bit more convenient.

Of course, the manual options aren’t all filled with cons either. These are usually more portable and take less space. Many of them are portable too, which can be quite helpful if you want a fold able treadmill under $500. Not only that, you’ll generally spend more energy on these.

But there are some disadvantages too. Firstly, you cannot change the incline effortlessly. Secondly, it’s much tougher to keep up a higher pace, as maintaining consistency will be more challenging than a motorized treadmill.

Belt Length

The belt’s length is a crucial bit, as your stride length and height will require specific lengths. You won’t find any issues if it’s slightly longer; it just will take a bit more space.

However, if it’s too short, you will feel cramped and won’t be able to move freely with a longer stride.

Weight Capacity

We will need to look at the maximum weight capacity, of course. Any product that you can count as the best folding treadmill under $500 can usually handle up to 200 pounds.

If you weigh a bit more than that, you might need to look a bit more for a suitable one. That’s because products in this range are somewhat limited when it comes to weight capacity.

Fold able design

We choose fold able treadmill mostly when you want to space saver treadmill in Home. thing you must careful when buying fold able treadmill is folded dimension and better if it’s have wheels which will make easier when you are going to move your treadmill. Sometime we choose under desk treadmill which is more convenient

Frequently Asked Questions

Is fold able Treadmill Good choice ?

It’s a great choice mainly electric folding treadmill when you are going to workout on Home or Office because of it’s space saver design and performance

Can you lose weight and belly fat by running on a treadmill?

In short, the answer is yes. It might not be as effective as going for crunches, but it’s surprisingly beneficial. Researches have found that you can reduce your belly fat by running on a treadmill even without changing the diet.

Are treadmills bad for your knees?

Assuming that you already don’t have bad knees, the answer is no. Treadmills can be comparatively safer than running outside in some cases. There are some things you should look at, though — how and how long you’re running, how your shoes are, etc.

Are cheap treadmills worth it?

To be honest, you should spend more on your treadmill if you can. But if that’s not a possibility, then some of the cheaper models can still provide you with decent performance. But they do need to make some compromises.

How long do treadmills last?

Generally, a quality treadmill can last you for ten years with ease. Of course, it also depends on whether you take care of it. Moreover, the price you paid for it will also speak volumes about the overall quality.

Should a fold able treadmill be on a mat?

If we’re talking about a home setup, then it is wise to get a mat for your treadmill. Not only does it protect the floor, but it also reduces noise and makes it more stable. If it’s a rubber gym floor, then a mat isn’t necessary.

Final Words

Spending a few thousand dollars on a fold able treadmill is something not all of us can afford or want to do. And once you move down the budget range, only a handful of them are worthy of being called the best fold able treadmills under $500.

The options above should provide you with impressive performance despite their price. Nevertheless, they have to cut some corners, so it’s better to keep the expectations in check.

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