Exerpeutic 400XL Folding Recumbent Bike Features and Review

The 400XL is a compact recumbent bike that combines functionality with practicality. Manufactured by Paradigm Health and Wellness, it comes with variable resistance so both new and advanced users can learn how to use it. As this is a semi-recumbent bike, folding is quick and simple.

What is the Best Folding Recumbent Bike ?

We will look at its features shortly, but it is worth noting the Exerpeutic 400XL has a generously sized seat and its backrest provides a lot of comfort. The weight capacity is also better than average. The bike needs to be assembled but it won’t take a lot of time.

Highlighted Features

Let’s examine the salient features of the 400XL exercise bike and some of its more important specifications. Make sure you are acknowledged about vital benefits of a recumbent exercise bike.


The bike measures 33″ (L) x 19″ (W) x 46″ (H) when assembled and when folded it is 24″ (L) x 19″ (W) x 46″ (H), so either way it doesn’t consume as much space compared to other bikes.

Weight, Height and Capacity

The bike is only 39 lbs so it is one of the lighter ones in the market today. When it comes to best recumbent exercise bikes for burning fat you want them portable for easy transport and that is what you get here.


The 400XL has a bright LCD screen that makes it easy to read data as you work out. At 3 x 1.6 inches the screen is large enough you don’t have to squint to read what is on the display. The screen keeps track of your pulse, calories burned, speed, distance and time. With a quick glance you have access to all this data.

A scan function and odometer are also included. The scan function allows you to rotate through the stats mentioned above. They are displayed one at a time for about 5 seconds, real handy.

Heart Rate Monitor

Look at the handlebar and you’ll see that it has a pulse rate monitor. As you pedal, the monitor displays your heart rate alongside the other stats that I mentioned. By going over these you’ll get a pretty good idea of where you’re at in terms of workout progress and if you need to speed up or slow down.

Crank System and Flywheel

The 400XL is equipped with a state of the art cranking mechanism that generates a high torque. This not only improves efficiency but also keeps the 400XL running quietly and without hiccups.

The same quality can be found in the flywheel as it is one of the most well balanced in this class. With the flywheel and the crank system the 400XL allows you to work out without any squeaks and creaks.


No good exercise bike is without wheels, and the 400XL is no exception. The wheels are good sized and enable you to move the bike around without scratching the ground or try to lift it up. They’re nothing fancy but they do get the job done.


The pedals are large so your footwear should fit nicely. The foot straps keep your feet secure so even if you pedal fast they won’t slip or slide.


The seat is soft, large, comfortable and adjustable. You can fold it easily and when it’s open the backrest provides sufficient padding. With a 300 lb capacity the 400XL is good enough for heavy people and won’t give way. I also want to add that the seat height is adjustable so you will be able to focus on workouts.


There are a lot of positive things we can say about the 400XL, but the most significant is that this exercise bike runs as well as expected. Once you sit down, put the straps on and pedal, you feel the difference in terms of performance.

The knob makes it easy to adjust the resistance level. If you’re new to bike workouts, start at the lowest and move up or read out or read our recumbent exercise bike workout for beginner guide . The compact design of the 400XL means you can re-position the bike anywhere in your home.

The compact size should not fool you however, as the 400XL is very stable and won’’t shake or rattle even if you pedal very quickly. Once you’re done for the day you can fold the 400XL so it won’t get in your way. The reliable performance is complemented by the quietness of its operation and its reliability.


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  • Assembly is straightforward and easy
  • Good variety of resistance levels
  • Small footprint especially when folded
  • Stable
  • The rollers are smooth and won’t leave any scratches around



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  • A bit uncomfortable for very tall people
  • No screen back lighting


The Exerpeutic 400XL is as good as advertised when it comes to working you out. It is compact, solidly built, easy to operate and versatile. This is a feature packed exercise bike but doesn’t compromise when it comes to ease of use.

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